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"A safe environment has always been the basic crucial life value"


All our suppliers, solutions designers, technical teams, and installation partners, are daily addressing safety needs of our customers, and protecting this basic value, based on their professional experience, with using high-end quality of technology and services.. The best proof of reliability of JABLOTRON, and Provision-ISR, are millions of satisfied customers across the world. 


Product portfolio of advanced Alarm System groups the main technology system JABLOTRON 100+, the unique All-in-One solution. This effective and user friendly security solution is integrating detectors for all known aspects of buildings security, whether Burglar or Environmental safety, extended with popular Smart Home Automation serving to your daily comfort. The integration into one system, make the JABLOTRON 100+ efficient and cost-effective, which is an important argument for all our customers. 

JABLOTRON not only protects your real estate, but also your vehicles. With CAR ALARM from JABLOTRON enriched with CAR TRACKING, you always have an overview about your vehicles, their position or the path of your loved ones. The great analytic of JABLOTRON CAR ALARM and CAR MONITORING is excellently usable for car fleets owners, to which it conveniently and clearly provides information of the current location, about Consumption, speed, Geo fencing, active drivers, drive books, individual business trips, Emergency button and more.


Eurimex Inc. is official distributor  of JABLOTRON ALARMS and certification company at Philippine market.

  • For our B2B customers, we provide assistance and professional support in designing of the best suitable security equipment and installation kits for their projects. Subsequently, we provide import and supply of needed technology directly from the manufacturer JABLOTRON ALARMS from the Czech Republic. 

  • Taking care of our B2B customers is one of our business key activity and big part of daily operation. The basic tool for helping to our installation partners and dealers to achieving maximum benefits of stable cooperation is JABLOTRON ACADEMY. With the trainings, installers and technical staff is obtaining up-to-date knowledge, tips and learn to know about new products, solutions and insider tips for their daily work. After training, are installers awarded with JABLOTRON certificate, which is necessary for proper and professional installations.



From us you buy for best prices! It is important to us that our business partners make an interesting profit, that help to grow their business. If you are growing, so will we. Depending on business results and sales, our B2B customers achieve different levels of partnership. We have three levels of partnership. Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher the level of our installation partner or dealer, the better prices he will get and in addition, receive many other advantages and benefits. To support of sales, we provide our partners with free advice on choosing a suitable technological solution and we also offer special conditions for the implementation of larger projects.


JABLOTRON technologies protect health, life, property and provide safety for your family or business. Therefore, to first-class technology, there must also be professional installation and premium services. Our installation partners and dealers are therefore trained and certified in our JABLOTRON ACADEMY. After proper completion of the training, the installer obtains the necessary knowledge and certificate from JABLOTRON. This certificate gives him access to the MyCOMPANY platform, which is a great tool for professional performance and which allows maintenance and setup of the customers installations also online.


All our products and installations have a security level of GRADE 2 in accordance with European norm EN 50131. This means that you can secure the vast majority of buildings and vehicles with the JABLOTRON system. From basic apartments, through family houses, gas stations, bank branches, data centres or companies with up to 600 employees. All customers and users have the opportunity to download the MyJABLOTRON application for free, which is used to remotely control the security system. We provide a 2-year warranty for the products. The condition for obtaining the warranty is professional installation by a certified JABLOTRON installation partner.







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