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On the Eurimex Inc website, you will find information on recent trends in selected business areas that provide answers to the evolution of today's modern market requirements. You will find out presentation about profitable business models with technologies, which achieving continuous growth through constant innovations. The main determinants and values of all are high quality standards, effective business processes, and the creation of high added-value for customers with positive impact for environment.

Cooperation with Eurimex Inc enables business partners to securely diversify their investments in early growth sectors with the expected long-life cycle horizon. On one side this makes possible to optimally set the performance of their investments, and on the other side, enables them efficient scaling, and responsible preparation of business processes for several years in advance.

Business Portfolio includes Projects of distribution and integration of safety and security systems for protection of health, life and property, home automation - smart home and smart firm, fleet management, for integration into residential, commercial and government buildings. Solutions at this inventive level are the component of IOT development, and are reviling one part of smart cities infrastructure.

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In cooperation with manufacturers we are actively developing projects also in further business areas such as advanced technologies for vehicle services, electronic components and modern building materials, online platforms and applications, and more.

(Projects) (Zorro Car Wash franchising)

Depending on the form and volume of your capital, you are welcome to select different options of cooperation, through that to tune the rate of your profits, and raise the whole potential of your investment. All collaboration opportunities from project portfolio are highly profitable! Thanks to application of progressive business models, which have been successfully proven in many countries around the globe, and thanks the cooperation with market leaders, and their knowledge of best business practice in the Philippines, the ROI calculation varies up several months to two years. Kindly ask for more information on


EURIMEX Inc. Philippines is ready for Partnership in various Projects and International Business

  • Eurimex Inc. Philippines, is a domestic import-export corporation that creates business partnerships and helps manufacturers and business partners enter new markets. 

  • Investors can choose from projects in our portfolio, which are based on exclusive importation contracts and cooperation with globally successful technology solutions manufacturers, across multiple industries and web applications.

  • We would like to welcome new business partners and investors in our projects, who expect stable cooperation and partnership based on mutual benefit, professionalism, enthusiasm and moral values.



Our services are one of the strengths of our business. Outsourcing services, allows you to focus on your core business.  With Your business presentation or the development of new markets you can entrust us. In the Services section, you will find managerial performance that will help you to gain new markets while pursuing your company priorities.



Investors are daily faced with the difficult task of choosing the right ways and projects to evaluate their Investments and funds of Stakeholders. As the current Financial Researches, the Important Economic Indicators, Future Prospections and the Flow of huge Capital Investments are showing us, the Answer to these Challenges we can find also in the region with World's highest Economic Growth, in Pacific Asia, in the Philippines. 



One of our activities is in field security technologies for buildings. This specialization is an answer to the growing need for security in the Philippines and is also responding to the adopted priority of the Philippines Government to increase the level of safety and security of citizens' health, life and property. Orientation on our reliable partner, innovator, trusted product creator and service provider offers stable cooperation, growing returns, safe and secure buildings and our lifes in them.


Flexibility, Innovations, Strategic Cooperation, Accurate Orientation in Different Market Fields combined with Correct Approach, and Delivering Added Value to Clients and Investors are the key factors in the success of entrepreneurs in today's world.

EURIMEX Inc. Philippines

"We do the best we can with what we know, and when we know better, we do better."

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