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Teamwork is a source of our corporate energy, great ideas and smart solutions.

Business is Our Passion

Eurimex Inc., is a domestic corporation based in Eastwood, Quezon City, Metro Manila, which develops its business activities nationwide in the Philippines. Eurimex Inc., is represented by international management from various business fields. Eurimex Inc., is a proud exclusive partner of several world producers for the Philippine market.

About Eurimex Inc. Philippines Competencies

Our Focus

EURIMEX Inc. is focused on projects with long run potential in growing sectors such as,

  • Security and Safety Technologies,

  • Advanced Technological Units for Car Services,

  • Innovative Electronic Components in Building Development Industry,

  • Functional F&D and more.

Our Core Business

Success Factors

Results in these areas are achievable with our management´s in-deep knowledge of business practice and exceptional orientation in diverse Industries. Also beneficial to accomplishing our mission, is the ratified Bilateral Trade Agreements, Relations between the Governments of the Republic of Philippines, Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) and vast Business Contacts from our Presence on these Markets. 


WIN-WIN strategy is the ultimate goal of our business. We regard this approach as very important and perceive it as a catalyst, that gives the company the necessary positive energy. The saying Your success is also our success is not just a formulation, but it is a fundamental pillar of business relationships and our corporate DNA.

Our Core Business are Import and Export Activities, Associated Marketing and Management Services, primarily between the Philippines, Czech and Slovak Republics.

Based on contract for exclusive import, we are providing additional brand representation and business development on target market.

Business Skills

We understand that entrepreneurship is the management of finances, materials and human resources along with their interconnection. For our business partners and customers, we provide a wide range of services related to the development of their business activities and expansion strategies, in order to gain new customers for their products and services.

Our Services

We arrange professional presentation of products and services, and help you obtain new business partnerships and distribution contacts for Czech and Slovak producers. We also provide the same service for Filipino exporters in the markets of Czech and Slovak Republics. We will help you orientate yourself in various foreign market situations and serve you with expert knowledge of current local legislation and commercial laws.

"We will always be of the best to your benefit."


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