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We are offering more cooperation possibilities, which differ based on type of project.


Our Smart Investments Portfolio

For new investors and future business partners, EURIMEX Inc. offer several projects of Smart Investments, that consist of the following characteristics

  • a Proven business models,

  • technologies and products with European Quality standards,

  • High Profit potential in the short term,

  • clear Competitive Advantage, thanks to continuous product Innovation Process,

  • Support from Strong and internationally Successful company,

  • Favourable competitive Market Situation in the Philippines,

  • Growing Demand on Recent Market.

For you as Investor is Important to decide, which business field, in which role and what volumes of funds are you ready to provide in correlation to your investments diversification strategy.

Choose from Our Projects Below.

Technologies for Security and Safety

JABLOTRON in Philippines

Cooperate with us and profit from our know-how.

Burglar Alarm, Motion Detection, Fire Detection, Video Verification, Smart Automation for Home and Office, Dispatching System, Patrol Management, Nanny Baby Breath Detection.  

Fleet Management, Car Track & Car Alarm

CAR Track

Cooperate with us and profit from our know-how.

Are you ready to start your new business with High Quality and All-in-One Solution for Fleet Management?  

NANNY Baby  Breath Monitor

NANNY Baby Breath Monitor

Cooperate with us and profit from our know-how.

Nanny is a certified medical device that has successfully passed rigorous clinical trials. This breath monitor is absolutely safe for children and is used by nursing homes and infants  hospitals around the world for protection against SIDS.

ZORRO Contactless Car Wash

ZORRO Contactless Car Wash

Cooperate with us and profit from our know-how.

Contactless Carwash ZORRO is a proven way of doing business with high profitability.

Pre-Wall Sanitary Systems

PRE-WALL Sanitary Systems


Switches and Sockets for Home and Office

SWITCHES & SOCKETS for Home & Office


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