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EURIMEX Inc., Import Export, Projects, Cooperation, Innovations, Partnership.


International trade creates enriching interactions, global progress and contributes to the growth of economies and thus to the raising of living standards.

Our Colorful Services

Eurimex Inc., based on practical experience, has set the mission to contribute to the growth of trade relations between the Republic of the Philippines and the Czech and Slovak Republics. In accomplishing of our mission, we cooperate with a large number of experts, project and product managers, owners of manufacturing companies and businessmen. 

Have we raised your interest in our business services? 

Choose the appropriate Service for your Business needs and country below.


Business to centre of Europe

Czech and Slovak Republic

Business from Philippines to Czech Republic

Are you Filipino Entrepreneur? Do you have successful and interesting project, product, software, hardware, service or anything else which you want to try enforce in Central Europe?

Contact Us.


Business with Economic Tiger

Republic of the Philippines

Business from Czech Republic to Philippines

Are you Czech or Slovak Entrepreneur? Are you looking for new markets in South East Asia? 

Contact Us.

Successful Manager

Legal services for the Philippines and Czech entrepreneurs.

Legal Services for Entrepreneurs

Do you need help with legal affairs in the Philippines, or in the Czech Republic and Slovakia?

Contact Us.


Your brand representation in the Philippines and the Czech Republic.
Representation in business negotiations.
We will also help you in export and import.

Representation, Export&Import

Are you ready for Business in new market, but you don't have people who will represent your business in new place?

Contact Us.

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